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My group classes are divided between puppies and older dogs. The puppies, 3 to 5 months of age, are taught the basic commands but at a much easier pace. A lot more socialization takes place for this is the time that puppies develop their social behavior.

In the Adult Class, for dogs over 5 months of age, the commands are heel, command sit, command sit-stay, command down, command down-stay, command recall, the release command and the out command are emphasized.

Kindergarten Puppy Training: During this class puppies are taught the basics in obedience training: heel, automatic sit, sit, sit-stay, down and down-stay. Canine behavior and problem solving techniques are also taught. Puppy socialization and pet care instruction are also given.

Adult Dog Level: This is a more in-depth training class. The commands taught in this classes are the heel, automatic sit, command sit, command sit-stay, command down, command down-stay, the stand command, the recall command and the release command. Canine behavior and problem solving question and answer period is also given. Socialization is also given to those dogs who are shy or timid.

All class dates are subject to change. early enrollment is advised as these classes fill up quickly and class size is limited.

To sign up for classes please call 940-767-STAY (7829)