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Mikey is a sweet dog, but very large, and at first, he was not behaving too well. Then a friend of mine recommended Eamon Riley and his program for dog training. With Eamon's help, Miley now behaves beautifully. He also loves Eamon. I feel very fortunate that the "Dog Man" came along.

-Mrs. A. L. Sauder, Jr. Wichita Falls, Texas

"We would recommend Eamon Riley to anyone who would want a great dog trainer."

- Ed and Lynn Moran, Wichita Falls, Texas

I found Mr. Eamon Riley's class in canine obedience to be a very enjoyable experience. He is knowledgeable of the various breeds and their personalities and knows how to handle any situation. If you are serious about teaching your dog obedience and manners, with Mr. Riley's instruction and daily practice, you will succeed. His previous experience as a K-9 security handler in the U.S. Marine Corps comes through as he teaches you the proper way of handling your dog with positive reinforcement and praise.

From talking to you about "the leader of the pack" and letting the dog know his place in the family, to teaching the proper way to "recall your dog," Mr. Riley does it with enthusiasm, humor, and encouragement. He may not always remember your name but, trust me, he will remember your dog's name! I highly recommend Eamon Riley as an instructor in dog obedience and look forward to advanced classes with him.

- Diane Magruder, Wichita Falls, Texas